Schmitztech Soap

Pork Soap

We made a 100% lard soap with 3-5% superfat. Calculators, SAP ratio, and lard content all vary, so we looked at multiple sources and settled on the ratio 90 oz lard to 12.05 oz lye. We wanted about 35% water relative to oil, but this measurement is less critical. We Scaled down the recipe to a 4 lb batch by lard:

This produced about 160 cubic inches of soap. It fit perfectly in our two smaller soap boxes.

Walnut Castile Soap

Second Attempt

On our second attempt, we targeted 2% lye discount whereas our first attempt was closer to a 7% lye discount.

First Attempt

I had to find a use for some excess walnut oil so I made some soap.

Dissolve salt in the water and then add the lye and KOH. One stirred and dissolved, mix in the dye and cool to 150F. Meanwhile heat the oil to 160F. When both solution are at temperature add the lye to the oil and stir until cream, homogeneous, and traced (we used a stick blender to speed up the process).


Next time we might use 1 tsp dye for a darker color. The soap had a pleasant color and fragrance, but was too soft and oily. After a year some oil separated out into the box we were storing the soap in. Next time we would certainly use a bit more lye to cut down on the excess oil.

Beeswax Olive Soap (Wedding Soap)