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I’m obsessed with walnuts. Why walnuts? Well, I think they are the king of nuts. I told my friend Roy Schwartz this and he responded, “Walnuts are not the king of nuts. In Israel, walnuts are the cheapest nuts!” I was sold, and booked my tickets to Israel soon thereafter. During my trip, of course I learned that in Hebrew walnuts are literally called the king’s nut. Roy could not have been more wrong!

What can you do with walnuts?

Black Walnuts

Black Walnuts

While English Walnuts are great, my true passion is for the black walnut–one of the native walnuts of North America. Ever since I stumbled across a mature tree dropping its fruit in Everett, WA I’ve been fascinated with this special nut.

I buy black walnuts in 5 lb boxes from Hammons so I can eat black walnuts every day on my oatmeal. I know they have more protein than any other nut, and hope they are as good for my brain as English walnuts even though the black walnuts does not resemble a brain.

Here are some fun facts about black walnuts:

More evidence that I’m obsessed with walnuts

Walnuts and your health

Walnuts are one of the best superfoods. In fact, they make the inner wall of your colon glisten, a condition known as “walnut colon”. Learn more from Dr. John Birk in this NY Times article.

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