Schmitztech Jam

Julyberry Jam


Run berries through food mill to separate out currant stems and larger seeds.

Rich and robust flavor, with a lemon zesty tang. The pulp and seeds did rise to the top.

Raspberry Jam


Currant Jelly


This jelly was delightfully perfect. It has an incredible depth of flavor–for example I swore there was lemon in this recipe. We used red currants from our yard, and I would absolutely make this recipe again–either unchanged or with slightly less sugar.

Strawberry Jam

June 2011

The jam jelled great with hardly any sugar! This is definitely the low end of sugar for a jam. It ended up being more of a “fruit spread”. I would probably try 1 c sugar next time.

July 2011

Great set and perfect amount of sweetness.

Strawbarb Jam

Great flavor, perfect amount of sweetness, but it did not set well. I would try 4t pectin and 4t calcium solution next time.

Salmonberry Jam

I found this batch of salmonberries in Discovery Park, near the Daybreak Center. There are a million plants, but the berries are not always abundant.

Sweet but not overly so. I would not add more sugar; I might try using only 1.5 c sugar next time but the result is damn good. I rinsed the salmonberries and then left them in a colander to dry somewhat. They collected a bit of moisture however. I could have dried them better.

I first mashed them with a widely-spaced masher. The result was a somewhat mashed mixture with some whole berries.

The salmonberries did not fall apart when heated, so I mashed further with a pint glass bottom–and with good results.

The result was–delicious! A sweet, flavorful well-set jam. Not for those who don’t like seeds, however!

Jalepeno Jam


Blend the pectin with the sugar. Puree the jalepenos and apple in a food processor, using some of the vinegar as liquid. Chop the extra two jalepenos and add all ingredients (except calcium) to a saucepan Simmer for 5 minutes, add the calcium, and can.

This makes an excellent jam for spreading on toast–just the right amount of sweetness and spice. However, if you want more of a sauce to add to a salmon-and-cream-cheese sandwich, you might want to go with something spicier. I would probably increase the pectin if I were to do this over again



This jam was overset. I reduced pectin and calcium to 2t. Might reduce further.