Schmitztech Schmitz Harvest Brew

Jon Essinger

Warriors’ Victory IPA

Paul and Jon Laid out the 4 different kinda of hops on a table for a smell test, and decided which hops to put in where. Other than that, no process out of the ordinary. Need to work on keeping hops from final fermenter so theres no floaties in the beer.

Original Gravity: 1.049 Final Gravity: 1.010 Approx. ABV: 5.25%

Very Floral aroma, slightly nutty malt flavor. Bitterness not overly noticed. Further tasting is going to have to be performed to really lock down flavor description. There is a lot of potential.

Turkey Stout

Brewed on Christmas (12-25-2009), Racked on 1-4-2010. Add Cold Brewed Coffee after hops boil a full 60 Min. Wort Smelled and tasted very Chocolatey.

OG 1.059