Mount Persis

On the 13th of August my brother and I hiked Mt. Persis. The hike was rather easy. The trailhead began at 2,800 ft and climbed only to 5,464 ft. Reportedly the logging road that leads to the trailhead used to be closed, but in the past years it has been open. If you are heading east on Highway 2, a little ways after the 33 mile marker turn right onto Forest Route 62. On the logging road, you will reach three junctions. Keep left at each of the three junctions. The first junction approaches after about 3.4 miles, and the second junction appears after about 0.7 miles.

The trailhead began rather non-descriptly. A little ways (one minute or so driving) before the end of the road there is a parking patch before the end on the left side of the road. Three cars is a squeeze. To the right, a steep, dirty path begins, marked only be a decrepit cairn.

The trail begins very steep. After about an hour it flattens out a bit, however. Another half hour later we reached boulder fields and two lakes. Ealier in the season I would guess there is quite a bit of water up there. In another half hour we reached the summit. To the north, the cliff was rather sheer. Overall the summit didn't compare to nearby peaks, but it was well worth the two hour hike.

Unsatiated, we ventured on toward Index, but stopped at the next peak. I would guess that the traverse would take about three hours, one way. Unfortunately, you probably need to summit Persis before continuing onward due to many cliffs and no trail. Hopefully we will complete the traverse next weekend.